Pen Pal and Cultural Exchange Programme with Cundall Manor School

Pen Pal and Cultural Exchange Programme with Cundall Manor School

3 ESO in Cundall Manor School

At the beginning of the school year, in the 3rd year of secondary school, we started a Pen Pal
project with Cundall Manor School, a British school, in which the students exchanged letters to
get to know each other. In May, the English students came to Valencia for a week during which
our students were the hosts, and they all enjoyed many activities together both inside and
outside of our school.

On the one hand, they participated in the ESO Olympics that were held in the school and in the Burjassot Sports Center. On the other hand, they went on excursions to emblematic places in Valencia, such as the Albufera or the City of Arts and Sciences. It was a week of linguistic, cultural, and sports immersion to practice English in a real and continuous way and to establish new friendships.

At the end of June, we had the opportunity to take a step further and have a real encounter with them in England by traveling to York to have a total linguistic immersion experience. They visited the Peak District area characterized by its picturesque landscapes and charming towns, as well as the city of York.

The accommodation was in the school itself where they spent the school day with the local students, attending their classes and participating in various academic, cultural, and sports activities. They were accompanied by two teachers from the school, Marilyn and Gemma, and everyone returned very satisfied with the experience.

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