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Francisca Ruiz y Julia Casado fundan el parvulario Edelweiss School en Valencia


Edelweiss School se traslada a Campo Olivar (Godella) y crece como colegio.  


Edelweiss School amplía  Educación General Básica (E.G.B) hasta los 14 años.


Se implanta la Educación Secundaria Obligatoria (E.S.O) hasta 16 años.


Edelweiss School amplía su centro educativo con la etapa de Bachillerato (hasta los 18 años)


Edelweiss School celebra su 60 aniversario

60 years in education

We are a private school dependent on the Department of Education of the Generalitat Valenciana, and therefore fully integrated into the Spanish education system.
Edelweiss School was founded in 1961 as a kindergarten in Gran Vía in Valencia. In 1971 it moved to its definitive location, Campo Olivar (Godella).
After a constant evolution, Edelweiss offered secondary education in 1996 and, ten years later, completed its pupils’ education with the Bachillerato stage.
The third generation of the founding family has now joined the company.

The teaching and learning of English has always been one of our main objectives. To this end, the school has developed a curriculum in which at least 50% of the time students spend at the school is immersed in English, with native or fully bilingual teachers.
Thanks to this, a high percentage of our 2nd Bachillerato students finish their time at school with Cambridge C1 and C2 certificates.