Meeting with «Idea Libre» and 1st of ESO

Meeting with «Idea Libre» and 1st of ESO

By Alicia M., and collaborating Sara C. & Nuria A. (1stESO)

This NGO helps children in Kenya.

Nowadays, non-governmental organisations such as Idea libre, are essential to  promote education and work in communities with fewer resources.

The NGO Idea libre works in Chumvi, one of the most desert areas in Kenya, where its inhabitants live in a severe state of poverty on less than $2 a day. This organisation was founded by María Fábregas and Sandra Blázquez, who on a trip to Africa became aware of the poor health and education conditions of children who live there.  As soon as they came back to Spain, they decided to launch this foundation to try to give these people a better life.

Idea libre generously provides food, water, and education to many Kenyan kids. Additionally to that, this NGO is involved in countless projects, amongst them, the construction of various local schools, and trying to fight against global inequality. Recently, with the appearance of the COVID-19, and the closing of schools, the members of this organization faced  a new challenge: they tried to provide children and their families with enough food and water, considering that many of them depend entirely on the meals that the school offers. Every week Idea libre feeds families and also delivers hygiene products, such as soap. Despite this effort, this organization is aware of the fact that it does not cover all their needs. That’s why, now more than ever, they need our help.

What we have learned.

On Tuesday 2nd of June, the funders of  Idea libre informed us about all the work that they are doing for kids and families in Kenya, how they founded their organisation and what measures are they taking with the recent circumstances in a videoconference with the whole class of 1º ESO. Finally, they also answered some questions regarding their work and described how the people in this country lived with the few resources they had. So in this videoconference, not only learned we about their contributions to many Kenyan families, but also we valued more the things and opportunities we have been given in our own lives. For further information you can find them on

or on Instagram: somosidealibre.

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